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Outline of Airport

Outline of Basic design for Ishigaki Airport Terminal Building

1) Outline of Airport
Place: On the site of Shiraho, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa Prefecture
Size: Airport area About 142ha
Runway: 2,000m long, 45m wide
⇒Airport Bureau of Okinawa Prefecture http://www.pref.okinawa.jp/airport/index/
2) Outline of Passenger Terminal Building
1. Planned capacity
The number of flights at peak time (One Side) Medium plane 2 planes, Small plane 3 planes, Five in total. The number of passengers at peak time (One Side) 830 people

2. Terminal Concept
Check-in Lobby, Arrival Lobby, And selling things, eating house on the 1st floor, 1.5 layer method

3. Number of floors・Structure
2 floors ( some are 4 floors)・Reinforced concrete structure

4. Floor area and Main facilities for each floor
1st Floor 8,310㎡ (Check-in Lobby, Arrival Lobby, Facilities for Arrival passengers, Selling things, eating house, Airline company office, etc. Power Source Building) 2nd Floor 3,820㎡ (Departure, Boarding lounge room, Selling things, eating house, VIP room, etc.) 3rd Floor 320㎡ (Machine equipment room) 4th Floor 110㎡ ( Observation deck) 12,560㎡
3) Outline of affiliated facility
International Flight Terminal Building
Freight terminal building (Air line company building, Freight agency building)
Flight Schedule Domestic Flight Status-Flight Information Video Stream Downroad of Ishigaki Airport pamphlet.