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Ishigaki-jima Marathon event ( Ishigaki-jima )
Iriomote island Yamaneko Marathon ( Iriomote island )
Kuroshima Cow festival (Kuroshima )
A tug-of-war with cows and various concerts, and a lottery to win a cow
The earliest summer in Japan! The beach's opening of Yaeyama.
Ishigaki-jima triathlon ( Ishigaki-jima )
Industry festival of Yaeyama ( Ishigaki-jima )
Hatoma Island music festival ( Hatoma Island )
A music festival, more than 1000 people get together in a small island of about 70 people
Haari (fishermen's festival) ( Yaeyama, several places )
Haari boat race held for praying a safe sailing of Uminchu (Fishermen) and great catch of fish.
The International Swordfish fishing event ( Yonaguni island )
Orion Beer Fest ( Ishigaki-jima )
the Beer festival held a outdoor concert and fireworks.
Hounen Festival ( Yaeyama, several places )
A festival to appreciate the harvest this year and pray for a good harvest next year.
Star festival of southern islands ( Ishigaki-jima )
A festival to enjoy the Milky Way and a skyful of stars after turning down the lights in Ishigaki islands.
Angama ( Yaeyama, several places )
A traditional event for commemoration of ancestors held on Kyu-bon.
Tubara-ma event ( Ishigaki-jima )
The event of singing contest of old good song "Tubara-ma" under the harvest moon.
Ishigaki-jma Great Earth Ride ( Ishigaki-jima )
Ishigaki-jima Festival ( Ishigaki-jima )
Yonaguni-jima marathon around the island ( Yonaguni-jima )
Tane-tori festival ( Taketomi island )
The biggest event in the island which is held by all the people of Taketomi island for praying a good harvest. This is the National intangible cultural asset.
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