Painushima Ishigaki Airport

International arrivals

1. Deplane

Please get off the aircraft.

2. Quarantine

Passengers who are having a fever or feeling unwell, please contact the quarantine inspector.

3. Immigration

Please go through immigration.

Things to prepare

  • Passport
  • Disembarkation Card For Foreigners

4. Baggage Claim

Pick up your checked in baggage from the designated baggage carousel.

Things to prepare

  • Baggage receipt

5. Plant and Animal quarantine

If you bring plants or meat, meat products into Japan, please go to the plant quarantine counter or animal quarantine counter for import inspection.

Things to prepare

  • Phytosanitary certificates

6. Customs inspection

Passengers who do not exceed the Duty-free limit, please proceed to the green inspection lane.
Passengers who exceed the Duty-free limit, please proceed to the red inspection lane.

Things to prepare

  • Baggage
  • Portable goods
  • Customs declaration

7. Arrivals

Exit from the arrival gate.